The Kenya Christian Lawyers' Fellowship (KCLF) was founded in 1986 and registered as a society in 1994.  Although initially limited to providing fellowship among Christian Lawyers, the members of KCLF wanted to take positive action to alleviate the problems of access to justice that they witnessed in their day-to-day practices, especially for the poorest in Kenyan society.  To this end, in 1999, KCLF formed CLEAR, a charity designed to be the active arm of the fellowship.  With the help of funding and volunteer interns from Lawyers' Christian Fellowship (LCF) UK, the first CLEAR office became active in Mombasa; however, the work of the charity has since expanded to offices in Nairobi (where the charity is based), Kisumu and Eldoret.  Over time the CLEAR project has extended to sister charities in Uganda and Rwanda, and CLEAR Kenya has been able to develop partnerships with various governmental and non-governmental organisations within Kenya itself.