•    Legal advice and representation
Our interns and paralegals can offer one-to-one legal advice in our offices for a range of legal matters, particularly family law and succession cases. We also co-ordinate a network of experienced advocates who can provide legal representation on a pro bono or subsidized basis for the most vulnerable and marginalized.

•    Prison work
We attend prisons in Nairobi and Mombasa to conduct legal education seminars to train remandees how to represent themselves. We also conduct one-to-one consultations where we advise remandees on how to conduct their case and how to prepare for court. We are also able to refer the most serious cases where there is a high chance of a serious miscarriage of justice to our network of advocates to take on a pro bono basis.
•    Community legal education
Teaching adults and children on their basic legal and human rights. We attend schools and host adults near our offices to train attendees on legal rights such as the right to education, how to spot signs of child abuse, and how to enforce their rights. Our seminars for adults also contain advice on how to represent yourself in court.
•    Public interest litigation and law reform
Our advocates have taken on matters of public interest on a pro bono basis, for example, the mandatory death sentence for robbery with violence. We believe it is in the public interest that these laws or policies are amended so use the courts as a means to affect change.

•    Mediation
Mediations at CLEAR Kenya provide parties with an opportunity to sit down with the other side of a dispute and discuss the matter. Our trained mediators try to focus on the underlying problems and help the parties reach an agreement. After a successful mediation we are able to produce a legally binding agreement which both parties have a copy of for future reference.