To improve individual rights awareness, CLEAR conducts legal education workshops at a community level, with an emphasis on the law relating to succession, children, property and matrimonial disputes; with specific reference to gender issues including violence against women. In 2016, a total of 4718 people attended some 127 seminars.

CLEAR also produces and distributes a selection of user-friendly legal rights publications in Kiswahili and English covering these core topics.
CLEAR runs law clubs in secondary schools called the “Legal Eagles” programme. This initiative teaches students about child rights and equips them to teach others; reaching out to young people that may encounter such issues in their own home or community.  In 2016, 44 Legal Eagle seminars were held helping to educate some 1138 children.

The Kisumu CLEAR office periodically hosts a national radio broadcast known as “NAM LOLWE”, reaching a minimum of 800,000 listeners in each broadcast.  The programme covers legal topics including land rights, matrimonial law and child rights plus child protection. The Nairobi office is also continuing an occasional radio broadcast on Hope FM.  In 2016, six broadcasts were made.